#1. Why Does Money Make Us Weird?

We aren't rational about money. There are social rules that overrule what's logical. And we find it difficult to talk about money....

In this first episode Nigel tries to understand why we are so weird about money and why is it so weird to talk about. Along the way we’ll uncover some of the strangest things we do with money and we’re introduced to the ‘Nudge Unit’ who try and help a procrastinator get her mind over her money.

The Experiment

Why does money make us weird?


Talking about money can make many of us feel uncomfortable - and why wouldn’t it, when our ideas about money may differ to others. Part of the reason could be our differing attitudes towards money, so when we talk to others who have a different view it can feel that they’re living in a completely different world to us! 

While this test is obviously just a bit of fun and can’t tell you exactly if you’re a spender or a saver, nor can it give you any financial advice, it can be a good way to get yourself thinking. And hopefully the more we understand the why behind some of our money behaviours the more we can try to change them for the better.

If you want to explore more in-depth information about money personalities, check out Sorted’s Money Personality quiz.





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